5 tips from a flight attendant for a comfortable flight

Air travel can be very exhausting and stressful. The traveler can still make their experience much more pleasant by following some advice and tips from civil aviation professionals.

One of the concerns of passengers is to improve the experience on board the aircraft, especially on long-haul flights. In this sense, a former flight attendant who has accumulated many years of experience claims to have found ways to make long-haul flights more comfortable.

To give travelers the benefit of her rich experience on board, she gave five of her best tips to the specialist website Insider.

Illustration: a stewardess on duty in an airplane (By: Viacheslav Yakobchuk / AdobeStock)

Check the airline’s baggage policies

Baggage is one of the sources of stress for many passengers. A suitcase that exceeds the permitted dimensions and weight can ruin an entire trip.

In this sense, the former flight attendant recommends checking the company’s policy before going to the airport. But also weighing checked-in luggage and hand luggage before you even pass the counters.

She reminds that all airlines generally apply weight and dimension limits. So you should always check this with the company and ideally bring a portable luggage scale to avoid unpleasant surprises at check-in.

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Book the best seat

The experience on board an airplane can be very uncomfortable if you find yourself in the wrong seat; separated from his traveling companions, and found himself squeezed into a middle seat for hours…

According to the former flight attendant, it’s good to save money on travel, but it’s really not worth it if you end up in the wrong seat. She therefore advises to always buy the best seat.

That said, she believes that before making a choice, you should first consult online passenger reviews about each seat and its details.

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Close the porthole blind

Roller blinds must remain open during take-off and landing so that the crew can look out in case of emergency. But she advises closing them as soon as the plane reaches cruising altitude.

Illustration: a female passenger admiring the view from the airplane window (By: tonefotografia / AdobeStock)

Even if it is still dark when you leave, according to the speaker, the sun will probably start to rise long before you do. By closing the blinds, you won’t be woken by the rays.

Fasten the seat belt over the blanket

Still to avoid being woken up, the former flight attendant advises passengers to fasten their seat belts over their covers so the crew can clearly see that they are securely fastened.

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According to her, if the flight attendants can’t see that the seat belt is on, they will wake you up every time the seat belt light is on.

Waking up passengers may seem like overkill, but be aware that your life may depend on this belt in severe turbulence. The flight crew are just doing their job “, she explained.

Luggage: what to take on a trip without unpleasant surprises

In continuation of her advice, the flight attendant listed several things that must be packed in the luggage for a better experience on board.


Illustration: travel suitcases (By: soniacri / AdobeStock)

Pack some food in your hand luggage if the onboard dining options are not to your taste “, advised the flight attendant. In addition, the passenger should always have a pair of headphones to comfortably enjoy the in-flight entertainment options.

In addition, he may also carry a moisturizer, lip balm and lotion to combat the dry cabin air.

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