Abolition of Schengen visas for certain countries (2022)

Schengen visa… The European Parliament’s Committee on Citizens’ Rights, Justice and Home Affairs has announced that citizens from Qatar and Kuwait are exempt from Schengen visas

The committee said in a statement that the approval of the exemption of citizens of Qatar and Kuwait from Schengen visas was adopted with the support of 42 votes against the rejection of 16 votes.

The Schengen visa abolished

In a statement cited by the SchengenVisaInfo.com site last April, the European Commission proposed to cancel the entry visa requirements for Qatari and Kuwaiti nationals after presenting a number of criteria, including the immigration of illegal immigrants from these two extremely wealthy Gulf countries, public policy , security and economic benefits and good relations between the Union and the two countries, which can contribute to strengthening relations with the Gulf States.

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Once the proposal has EU approval, nationals of Qatar and Kuwait wishing to travel to all EU member states will be “exempted from visa application requirements”.

the conditions set by the EU for the abolition of Schengen visas:

According to the report of the European Parliament’s Committee on Citizens’ Rights, Justice and Home Affairs, this decision to abolish visas was conditional on the decision to use the death penalty during negotiations between the two parties.

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