Alibaba Cloud Launches Multi-Region Hybrid Cloud Offering

Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Group’s data intelligence and digital technology arm, is launching a hybrid cloud offering that allows businesses to manage a dedicated cloud region in their local data centers that can be connected to multiple availability zones. This offer will launch in mainland China, then internationally in 2023.

The Alibaba Cloud offering involves deploying hardware and software at a customer to provide access to more than 50 Alibaba Cloud services. Enterprises will also be able to use a unified console in the public cloud to manage their hybrid cloud environment.

“This is a very powerful and unique hybrid cloud solution,” said Raymond Xiao, Head of International Industrial Architecture and Solutions at Alibaba Cloud. “Alibaba Cloud will work out an operating model with each customer to address the business aspects of the service.”

Alibaba Cloud Dedicated Cloud Region is an upgraded version of CloudBox, an on-premises edge device with compute, storage and networking capabilities that allows users to process big data analytics workloads closer to where they are. CloudBox, which only allows deployment in a single Availability Zone and in a single data center, was first announced in 2019.

In addition to providing cloud computing services to enterprises, Alibaba Cloud had released a “cloud nativity assessment model” to help enterprises measure their level of cloud adoption. “Based on their feedback, we can support their level of cloud maturity and guide them, whether it’s replatforming or redesigning their applications,” said Raymond Xiao, Head of Industrial Solutions and Architecture international at Alibaba Cloud. “Customers can also use the Alibaba Cloud Migration Tool to plan their cloud migrations to calculate and predict the total cost of their cloud investments.”

About Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Group’s data intelligence division, launched in 2009, is today one of the world’s top three IaaS providers according to Gartner and the top public cloud service provider in China according to IDC. Alibaba Cloud brings a full suite of cloud computing services to businesses around the world, including merchants doing business on Alibaba Group marketplaces, start-ups, corporations and government organizations. Alibaba Cloud is also the official partner of the International Olympic Committee for the provision of cloud services.

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