Alibaba launches Miravia, a new marketplace in Spain… Before France?

The Chinese e-commerce giant has decided to position itself in the medium and high end in Spain before attacking the French market, according to some sources.

Alibaba goes on the offensive beyond its borders. In mid-November 2022, the Chinese web giant opened the doors in Spain to a brand new marketplace called Miravia. Dori Lopez Nieves, CEO of Innova Digital Export, a Spanish company specializing in digital strategies in marketplaces, disclosed the information on his LinkedIn account. According to her, this new marketplace would have a different positioning by favoring the beauty, fashion, electronics and household categories and better quality or even high-end products. The platform is available and accessible at the URL and through an application on iOS. According to the Spanish website Marketing 4 commerce, the platform will be officially presented in Madrid on November 30, 2022.

Alibaba intends to differentiate itself from what the group already offers in the European market with Aliexpress. Miravia features major brands on its pages and presents mid-range and high-end product references. The marketplace offers delivery for orders over 10 euros shipped by Miravia and 30 days to return the products for free.

Lazada behind the operation

The Chinese group has emphasized e-commerce beyond its borders in its recent investments, while growth in its domestic market tends to slow. Alibaba recorded 2.7 billion euros in quarterly losses in the period July-September 2022. The group has also increased its stake in the Turkish marketplace Trendyol (up to 85.6% of the capital in April 2021). Above all, Alibaba has just invested $378.5 million in the Singaporean marketplace Lazada, which it bought for $1 billion in 2016. And according to E-commerce News, Lazada is behind Miravia. In fact, the publisher of the website is called Arise Operating E-commerce Private Limited and has the address of Lazada’s headquarters in Singapore. While the Aliexpress marketplace, already present in Europe, focuses on cross-border sales, Arise targets local merchants.

Already working in France?

One of our industrial sources, close to Alibaba, told us a few weeks ago that the Chinese group had already started to get to work in France by training future service providers to develop a mid- and high-end marketplace. What Miravia offers. Alibaba team declined to comment on this information.

In the end, Miravia chose Spain for its debut, and it is not by chance. Alibaba already occupies a prime position there: during the first six months of the year, Aliexpress is the second best marketplace in Spain, behind Amazon, with a 12.4% market share, according to the results of e-European commerce offered by Foxintelligence. In France, Aliexpress has a much less dominant position. The marketplace was still the tenth most visited merchant site in the second quarter of 2022 with 11 million unique monthly visitors according to the Fevad Médiamétrie barometer. Alongside this B2C marketplace, Alibaba has its B2B marketplace in Europe, which allows you to buy Chinese goods and allows French merchants to export to China, but also Tmall, which allows luxury brands to export their products to China.

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