angry passengers block a terminal

When you as a traveler suffer from a technical incident, you have the right to expect to be treated with dignity and understanding. But very often a flight problem affects the comfort of the passengers, who suffer the full impact.

It is one of the dreaded mishaps experienced by passengers on a Belgium-Cameroon flight on December 8.

After a technical problem, the Brussels Airlines flight returned to the Belgian airport, reports the American news website Insider. So far nothing serious as this type of incident is not extraordinary and any passenger may face it one day or another.

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Only where the story takes an unusual turn is that of the 273 travelers on the boarding list, about forty did not have visas for Belgium. These passengers were therefore forced to spend the night from Wednesday to Thursday on site, at the airport, without being able to leave, while the visa holders could sleep in the hotel.

The situation was further complicated when Brussels airport staff informed stranded passengers that the next Brussels Airlines flight was full and that they could not transfer to it.

Passengers stranded at Brussels airport: as the incident turns into a nightmare

The situation, which was unacceptable for these travelers, resulted in a blockade of Terminal B at the European airport.

In desperation, the passengers sat on the spot to express their displeasure, despite police intervention to quell the spirits. Due to their blockage, other passengers could not board other flights. Real chaos reigned at the international airport.

Several witnesses reported the situation on Twitter by posting photos and videos, one of them even speaking of “absolute waste” and specifying that staff had to transport the travelers to the other side of the terminal by bus to allow them to reach their boarding gates .

According to the same source, a spokesman for the Belgian airline assured that all the passengers of the canceled flight finally left on Friday, December 9, to Cameroon, after the establishment of a flight especially for them, and Brussels Airlines reportedly even helped visa-free travelers . to get a transit pass.

Thus, no one spent another night at the airport, but rather in a hotel while waiting for the extra flight to return to their destination.

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