Avalanche: Alibaba Cloud opens a service for AVAX validator nodes

Avalanche is launched on the Asian market – Avalanche is a so-called layer 1 smart contract blockchain. It is about to invade the Asian market after one partnership with the giant Alibaba. Thus, the cloud branch of Alibaba will integrate Avalanche nodes.

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Alibaba Cloud integrates Avalanche nodes

Alibaba Cloud is the cloud arm of Asian e-commerce giant Alibaba. In practice, Alibaba Cloud is the most widespread cloud provider in the Asia Pacific region.

On December 2, the Avalanche team announced a major partnership via their official blog. Thereby, Alibaba Cloud will now offer a plug and play Avalanche node service.

Avalanche partners with Alibaba Cloud.

“Alibaba Cloud has expanded its suite of infrastructure technologies and intelligence tools for the Avalanche blockchain. This allows users to launch validation nodes through the service and access computing, storage and distribution resources through Alibaba Cloud’s product line in Asia. »

Good news for Avalanche developers based in Asia. In fact, this partnership will allow them to quickly and easily implement a validation node for the Avalanche blockchain.

To celebrate the launch of this new service, Alibaba Cloud is offering credits to Avalanche developers who want to try out the cloud provider’s offerings.

This new partnership appears to be part of Avalanche’s Asian expansion strategy. In fact last October, Avalanche revealed a partnership with Japanese video game company GREE.

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