Four police officers injured in a violent altercation in Saint-Roch

SPVQ patrol officers intervened at a licensed establishment at around 12.45pm on Saturday because a 21-year-old man wanted to fight with several people. He was quickly arrested.

That’s when the situation escalated.

While an arrest was in progress, an assault took place a few meters away [des deux patrouilleurs] between two citizens. Police approached the suspect and arrested him. It was at this point that a hostile gathering of about sixty people was created and converged towards police interventionconfirmed SPVQ.

A 29-year-old man then allegedly violently attacked a police officer, injuring him in the head. The suspect began pinning the officer on the ground. Other officers had to use force against the suspect to subdue him and arrest himadded the police force.

As the crowd became increasingly hostile, officers said officers had to use cayenne pepper to drive him away.

When the situation was brought under control, four men were arrested for causing a disturbance and for insulting a peace officer under municipal regulations. Some strongly resisted arrest and necessary force had to be used to subdue them.

The 29-year-old man was arrested for assault causing injury to a peace officer. [cet homme] is currently on hold and may appear at a later date.

Further details to follow.

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