France – England | Mbappé, Griezmann, Lloris, Giroud, Varane: Five superheroes and an aura that protects them from everything

Honestly, we didn’t really know what they had in mind. This French team had overcome obstacles with some panache, but the course was not insurmountable for the reigning world champions, even diminished by an avalanche of packs. The match against the English, and more than that, Saturday’s scenario shed new light on this group, its dynamics, the mechanisms that drive it.

While Italy 2010, Spain 2014 and Germany 2018 fed the curse of the reigning champions, as if the weight of such a performance obliterated their zeal in defending their prey, these Deschamps Blues seem, on the contrary, to draw a Herculean strength from it. Nothing seems to be able to happen to them, an intangible aura seems to protect them from enemy arrows.

World Championship

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Since 2014, in an official tournament, and if we exclude a France – Tunisia, which has nothing to do with the rest, France has not lost a game in regular time and only one (the final of the Euro 2016 against Portugal) before the penalty shootout. In 23 meetings anyway. However, she was pushed, heckled and even dominated. Saturday against the English, we still don’t know how she escaped. Or rather if.

Lloris, Giroud, Varane, Griezmann, Mbappé: the quintet of champions

When England was overtaken by all its gadins since 1966, the Blues of 2018 broke. They know how to win, they know how to turn situations around, they know the taste of the coronation and that changes everything. If this French team has neither the romance of 1982 and 1986 nor the checks and balances of 1998 and 2018, it knows the recipe, applies it and counts on Kylian Mbappé when he is not sedated by three bodyguards, for the rest.

It is enough to see who tipped the match against the English. We will remember three men: Hugo Lloris, record holder of caps for the French team, Antoine Griezmann, best passer in the history of the Blues, and Olivier Giroud, the best goalscorer of all time. These men are Didier Deschamps’ superheroes, never defeated, even when we think they are overwhelmed by events. After the Euro fiasco, Giroud took the disaster and disappeared from the group. Griezmann, also weakened by a career crashing into the club, may harbor some fears of seeing his honeymoon with the Blues end sooner than expected.

Olivier Giroud carries Antoine Griezmann after his brilliant assist against England

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Their resurrection says everything about the champions they are, but also about what Didier Deschamps was able to install over an endless mandate. These men will be faithful to him for life. No matter what trials they go through. Today, the coach is part of Antoine Griezmann’s Holy Trinity: “I give everything for the shirt, for France and for him“.

The group changes, but nothing changes

Basically, everything has changed since 2018, as only eight world champions are now at the battle parks in Qatar. Everything has changed, but nothing changes because this team is based on a quintet (Lloris, Varane, Mbappé, Griezmann, Giroud) who spread this immutable force on and off the pitch and on a coach who knows the recipe for success better than anyone else. .

“In England we compare these Blues to Benzema’s Real Madrid”

Even in the difficulty, we have the impression that nothing can happen to us“, noted Adrien Rabiot. Even the withdrawal of a Ballon d’Or (Benzema) and the two best French midfielders (Pogba and Kanté) did not change their march towards the heights. To understand what these Blues give off, the aura that surround them, we must undoubtedly go back to the World Cup in Brazil 1994-1998, which nothing seemed to be able to divert from its mission. An example that proves that security is fragile during major tournaments. France is not yet a double world champion, but you would have to have a lot of faith in it to imagine it so close today.

World Championship

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World Championship

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