French Cup. Before Monaco-RAF, Saturday: the Rodez club forever linked to the event

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There would never have been professional football in Rodez had the Aveyron club not endured an epic Coupe de France in 1991 that instilled fierce ambition into its DNA. Retro while, Saturday 7 January at 18.00, Rouergats moves to Rock to challenge Monaco there.

Ruthenian football is now professional. It took time to adopt its codes and customs, but it has been done. By force, by clarity, the president Pierre-Olivier Murat had to decide to do as the others, and very recently the coach Laurent Peyrelade left. However, this professional football has always been a goal in Rodez. It certainly wasn’t shouted from the rooftops…

He owes it to this Coupe de France epic, in which the players of Michel Poisson, then playing in D2, went to finish their journey in the semi-finals at the Vélodrome stadium in Marseille on Sunday 2 June 1991. Since that date, Ruthenian football has vibrated , thinks, breathes a fierce ambition.

Waiting for chills

The public is waiting for these thrills, which only the high level provides. The new Paul-Lignon stadium with its English configuration is a framework designed to let the lava of this passion flow. The words are not too strong. The 1991 Coupe de France marked the spirit of Aveyronnais.

From that time we tell each other about train journeys to Annecy or Marseille. We are talking about these tubular stands erected behind the goals of Paul-Lignon when they come from Metz and Sochaux. There hadn’t been Furiani’s drama yet. People stamped their feet, the stands echoed with their metallic noise, carried their “blood and gold” team. Times of passion, whose elders drool hours and sensations to the youngest fed to this fighting football. They then even took their children to Lignon. The cup is conducive to this sharing of passions. He needs warriors who sublimate themselves.

The Aveyron supporter experiences football this way. Only this way. This germ has always lived in the minds of Ruthenian football licensees with more or less success since the epic of 1991.

To understand Rodez football is to hear this desire to relive the passion of those hours. This is his backbone.

A quarter-final in 2009

To shine in the Coupe de France is random, cannot be decided, is improvised according to the results. Furthermore, President Pierre-Olivier Murat does not budget for possible income from the Coupe de France in his economic management plan. But in 2009, coach Franck Rizzetto and his national team led Ruthenian football to the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France. For this, in March 2009, the RAF eliminated Paul Le Guen’s PSG at Paul-Lignon 3 to 1. It was not yet the Qatari version of the club, but the Parisians were still playing at the top of Ligue 1.

Miguel Pacios just scored Rodez’s third goal against PSG on 4 March 2009 and RAF qualify for the quarter-finals.

A few days later, the Ruthenian adventure ended 2-0 in the quarter-finals in Rennes.

Since then, the Coupe de France has fled Rodez. Aveyronnais has missed many entries in this competition for years.

On the other hand, they managed to move from CFA to Ligue 2, where they have been present for 4 seasons with the smallest budget in the competition and a stadium whose metamorphosis was an absolute necessity.

This Saturday at the start of the evening and in the Principality, Rodez AF plays in the Coupe de France in Monaco after the qualification, as they participated in the competition in Saint-√Čtienne (0-0, 3-4 on pens).

So the beginning of a new adventure?

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