GDPR: 390 million euros in fines for Meta, 8 million for Apple

The EU condemns Facebook’s parent company for abusing its processing of personal data for advertising purposes and for imposing advertising trackers.

The Meta group, Facebook’s parent company, was fined two fines totaling 390 million euros on Wednesday, January 4, for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Meta would have breached “its transparency obligations” by relying on an incorrect legal basis “for its processing of personal data for advertising purposes”, the regulator said.

210 million euros for Facebook, 180 for Instagram

In detail, the fine reads 210 million euros for Facebook. Instagram supports the remaining 180 million euros. The WhatsApp fine is expected to be announced next week.

The privacy group Noyb, which initiated the case, had accused Meta of reinterpreting the consent defined in the GDPR so that users of the services cannot opt ​​out of targeted advertising.

Noyb welcomed the move, which will force Meta to implement “a yes/no consent option” for the use of its users’ personal data.

The company has three months to bring its data processing activities into compliance.

Meta has already been fined 405 million euros in September for shortcomings in the processing of minors’ data and fined 265 million euros in November for not adequately protecting its users’ data.

Apple convicted of imposing ad trackers

In addition, the CNIL in France fined Apple 8 million euros for imposing advertising trackers on its users without their express consent.

The investigation was launched following a complaint from the association France Digital, which brings together French start-ups.

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