how much will each player from france receive in case of a world cup?

Jean-Baptiste Sarrazin
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22.20, 12 December 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is coming to an end. Still in the running, the French team hopes to win the competition with the key to a title and … a large sum of money for the players to raise. Fifa has planned to pay around 41 million euros to the winner. But how much does each player get individually?

Winning the World Cup means winning a trophy, but also a large sum of money. Fifa, the body responsible for organizing the World Cup, has already planned to donate 420.8 million euros to the 32 confederations that took part in the competition. In comparison, it is much more than at the previous World Cup in 2018 in Russia. The confederations then shared 329 million euros.

But this gain varies depending on the stage of competition reached. And in the pyramid hierarchy, it is the winner who will logically pocket the largest sum, i.e. 41 million euros.


However, once the amount has been received, the federations are free to redistribute or not distribute this money to the players and staff of their respective national teams. This is how the French Football Federation has already announced what it would donate: in case of victory in this World Cup in 2022, the players and coaching members will receive 30% of the total sum, i.e. 12.3 million euros.

A sum that must of course be distributed between all the players. Didier Deschamps, who has decided to select 26 players and the staff count for four shares, each player would therefore receive 402,000 euros if France managed to retain their title as world champions. This is 52,000 euros more than in 2018, when each of the blues had received 350,000 euros.

The Benzema question

But the French Football Federation has yet to confirm the eligibility of all players, knowing that some such as Karim Benzema or even Christopher Nkunku have not played a minute of the game due to their pre-competition withdrawals. And Didier Deschamps has chosen not to replace them, which therefore implies their registration on the sheets for every game despite their absence.

And depending on the final result, the bonus decreases. If the Blues are finalists, the bonus per player will be €288,000. It will be 240,000 euros in case of defeat in the semi-finals. So 240,000 euros or more? We’ll find out on Wednesday night during France’s semi-final against Morocco, a match to be fully experienced in the show. Europe 1 Sports.

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