LoL: the “problem” with the current meta

On it 36 champions over 52% win rate (limit at which a champion becomes OP according to Riot Games) at platinum + ranks, we find very few characters whose main position is ADC and mid laner. There are currently 5 mid laners and 1 single ADC bot lane (3 if we add Quinn and Akshan who play top and mid respectively) which means that the two lanes together represent 17% of the dominant champions of the meta, while 40% will find themselves having to play on one of these lanes.

Among the midlanes there is one ADC/assassin (Akshan), a pure assassin (Zed), a mage/assassin (Kassadin) and two classic mages (Anivia, Vex). For mages, some of them are still good options as supports or junglers. Heimerdinger and Vel’Koz are good choices for botlane, while Fiddlesticks, Lilia and Elise get the job done in the jungle. ADC side, well except Nilah bot, there are still those mentioned above. For the assassins, aside from Zed and Akshan, turn to the jungle with Evelynn, Yi, and Nocturne.

While this may ultimately seem quite balanced in terms of archetype, you still have to realize that best chance for good results if your preferred archetype is mage or ADC is to leave your preferred lane (Sassin players have less trouble here as there is much more diversity in this role).

What’s wrong with mages/assassins?

The problem with mages/assassins is above all that their burst is rarely enough to kill the opposing championsand their damage over time is often canceled by opposing enchanters. Although they can end games while they are top damagecan it happen to them despite this not really having threatened their opponents. So stats certainly aren’t everything (putting all of its damage on the Mundo tank is often a suboptimal solution, even if the beast is a boo), but it’s nonetheless true that mages and assassins are often unable to kill anything other than fragile support or the other archetype in “difficulty“: CDA.

And it shows that they are more effective in the jungle, where they can take advantage of the support of their laner/choose the right time to launch an attack. That support mages can take advantage of the fragility of ADCs and the fact that enchanters are less effective in the early game to advance.

The problem with ADCs

Here the problem comes primarily from the fact that games are getting shorter and shorter. The ADCs therefore reach rarely their power spikeand therefore remain without the “victims” of the opponents in the beginning/middle never see the late game. If we except the ADC sololans (Quinn, Akshan, Kindred, who are also ok, although under 52%), we realize that besides Nilah (whose kit allows him to be faster in the game), others ADC ok tier are all capable of adding a not inconsiderable burst to their support (Jhin, Twitch, Tristana). After, That’s not to say that other ADCs are bad, just that they’re less effective than many champions at carrying games.. For your information, only one ADC today is below 48% win rate (moment from which Riot thinks a champion deserves a boost): Aphelios, who is the worst champion in the game with a 46.22% win rate.

LoL: Are bruises as strong as the community claims?

Looking at the statements of the League of Legends community on social media, it becomes clear that many players are currently complaining about bruises. According to them, the changes in Season 13 would have favored this archetype, but is that really the case? (Spoiler: no)

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