Meta Noël: Printemps launches drop 2 of its own label virtually

For a meta Christmas, Printemps offers a new “digital fashion by Printemps” collection, its own brand of digital fashion. original, exclusive gift ideas at low prices to discover and shop at

All I want for Christmas is a present 3.0

Made by Republicthe digital fashion expert house, in close collaboration with the department store’s digital teams, offers this exclusive drop of 51 mostly gender-neutral pieces for adults and children, but also pets.

Inspired by cult Christmas iconography, the collection consists of clothes or accessories with such varied themes as baubles in jumpsuits, Christmas snowflakes or crackers that become dresses, gifts for a trench coat, the Christmas tree in a coat, the reindeer in a headband, the gingerbread man in a handbag… not to mention this year’s Christmas theme in the department store, circus, with an acrobat silhouette, a costume of a loyal lady, a star headdress.

Retailing between €3 and €12, each piece is available on

“Digital Fashion by Printemps”: instructions for use

To access the parts, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Select the pieces on and add them to your basket
  2. At checkout, you send a photo of yourself in short clothes or in a bathing suit or tight-fitting clothes.
  3. The piece or pieces are then adapted to the image by a digital “tailor”
  4. 72 hours after purchase, receiving the image, ready to post on social networks

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