Meta Quest 2 TUTO: pair and use Meta Quest Pro controllers for flawless tracking

that Meta Quest Pro recently tipped its nose with the promise of making its next-gen controllers compatible with Meta Quest 2. That TouchPro, of their small name, is the premium and advanced version of Touch as we know them now. They represent a leap forward compared to the competition and their elders. Available for the modest sum of €349.99 on the official website (yes, that’s a significant cost), these new controllers offer flawless tracking of our movements and integrating many technologies.

Thanks to their three integrated cameras, the controllers position themselves in the room, eliminating any blind spots. Thus, the follow-up is ensured even with the arms behind the back, or even above the head. No more untimely stalls. Add to that more localized vibrations for wider and more precise feedback than traditional vibrations, pressure sensors for even more precise squeezing, tactile surfaces, a ringless design and a stylus tip for writing. more intuitive way (especially in Horizon workspace). All these possibilities are made possible by the presence in the controllers of a chipset integrated (Snapdragon 662).

touch pro

Meta announced it controllers can be paired with Meta Quest 2 for an optimal experience, and indeed it is possible since the update V47. So remember to update your headset accordingly. Place to practice!

1 – Application Meta on your mobile device

  • Go to the mobile app.
  • Then select “Devices” (2) in the “Menu” (1).

    touch pro tutorial 1

2- Parameters of the device

  • Choose yours Meta Quest 2 in the list of available devices (1).
  • Then click on “Controllers” (2).

    touch pro tutorial 2

3- Pairing dis controllers

  • On the pairing screen, select “Pair Meta Quest Pro Left/Right Controller”.

    touch pro tutorial 3

  • The next screen will ask you to unpair the previous controller, which in our case is the gamepad Meta Quest 2. Then click “Continue”.

    touch pro tutorial 4

  • You then need to hold down two keys for more or less five seconds to connect to the headset.

    touch pro tutorial 5

  • Once the pairing is complete, you can close the window and move on to the next controller by repeating the previous steps.

    touch pro tutorial 6

  • Once the procedure is complete for both controllers, this is the screen you should have:

    touch pro tutorial 7

Your Meta Quest 2 now recognizes yours Touch Pro not the old ones Touch. Don’t panic though, by performing the previous manipulation, you can pair your old controllers again.

It’s time to put on the headphones to check that the tracking is working. If not, simply restart your device. On our end, we had to wait for the controllers to update accordingly and then wake them up.

You are now ready to play all the games in the catalog Search under the best conditions! Note that it may take several seconds for the controllers (which are autonomous) to connect to the headset, and that enabling Wi-Fi is mandatory to secure the connection to the headset.


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