Meta Quest: bug in developer mode finally fixed!

It has become a habit Meta… According to the updates of its helmets, it is quite frequent that a bug, or even a withdrawal of functionality, slips in the way … Lately, it is not the functionality Air Link there suffered, not even the multi-account, but good developer mode. It is now used on many helmets and allowing anyone who has activated it to unlock their helmet’s potential.

So to speak, we users can use our headset as app developers would and thus install unofficial apps (via Side Quest for example), issue commands ADB or use QuestGamesOptimizer. Overnight, many found this option disabled in the mobile app, and neither resetting the headset nor creating a new developer account changed much.

Without this option, there are many lambda users, but also game and app developers who have been penalizedputs them on technical unemployment for the latter and arouses discontent in the assembly. The problem has accelerated since the update V47but has been affecting some users for several months.

meta mod developer

No matter what, Meta have distributed update “” since December 7th and it seems to fix the problem.

meta mod developer 2

To perform the update, go to the “System” tab and then “Software Update” from your Meta Quest and click “Update Now”. If nothing appears, the patch is not yet available to you. Meta has a special distribution method. In any case, leave your headphones plugged in, Wi-Fi on, of course, and be patient. A reboot can also cause fate.


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