Meta: these topics of conversation are now prohibited between employees

Is it necessary to draw up a list of taboo subjects in order to achieve mutual respect in the workplace? This is the decision taken by the management of Meta, parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Lori Goler, Meta’s human resources manager, wrote to all employees via the group’s internal forum and announced the new rules of conduct on Tuesday, December 6. A communication that our colleagues from Assets.

Maximize productivity

The new rules for well-being apply as soon as the manager’s message is published. “As Mark mentioned recently, we need to make a number of cultural changes to help us meet our priorities. We will no longer allow all forms of expression at work, but we believe it is the right thing to do for the long-term health of our internal community.”assures Lori Goler.

These measures must ensure internal discussions “respectful”, “productive”, and at the same time promote the concentration of Meta employees on their tasks. All members of the group will be obliged to apply the new rules, except the employees who are responsible for the professional exploitation of the incriminated subjects. This could be particularly the case for staff responsible for moderating content or for metagroup communications.

Abortion, guns, vaccines…

In detail, the “Metamaters” will no longer be able to discuss with their colleagues topics related to the effectiveness of vaccines or abortion, the development of applicable laws, political issues, political movements, possession of firearms and finally to rights in general. Employees are cordially encouraged to concentrate on their work and not make waves.

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These new obligations arise in a context where employees are encouraged to “sign advocacy letters on important topics but not directly related to our work”, says Lori Goler. External inquiries which would once again distract Meta employees. “So going forward, as a company, we will only make public statements about matters that are at the core of our business”, the manager announces. In other words, Meta will communicate on a case-by-case basis to take a position or not on certain sensitive topics.

First measurements in July

In a statement to Assetssays Meta value “deep” that “open discussion and a company culture based on respect and inclusion”. And to specify the framework for the new regulation: “We updated our employee expectations (…) so we can reduce distractions while maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment where people can do their best work.”

Already in July last year New York Times reported that a list of topics to be banned from conversations between employees had been drawn up. The “metamaters” could no longer solve the central American issue of abortion. A measure taken after the abolition, on June 24, 2022, of the federal right to abortion and to avoid creating tension between colleagues. Very quickly, conversations that violated the new rules were deleted on the company’s internal messaging systems.

For many years, Meta employees had become accustomed to discussing social and political issues, the newspaper recalls. Will the new rules be accepted? The next few months will tell us…

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