Murdered women: Protesters block access to Brady Road landfill

Other militant groups are also demonstrating near the Prairie Green landfill in Manitoba without blocking access.

In particular, the protesters want continued excavations at the Brady Road landfill as well as the Prairie Green landfill to find the bodies of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran, both of Jeremy Skibicki’s alleged victims.

I am asking the whole world not to let this story dielaunched the first daughter of Morgan Harris, Cambria Harris, who wants the federal government to take over the research.

Earlier this month, Winnipeg police announced that the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran may be at the Prairie Green landfill, but that further search would not be possible.

On Friday, Winnipeg Police Board chairman Markus Chambers said authorities were trying to find a way to continue searching for the bodies to allow families to turn the page.

Take action on a larger scale

This story echoes several other women reported over the past few years in Manitoba. With this in mind, protesters are calling for justice as well as a declaration of a national emergency.

On December 6, Cambria Harris took to FB to express her anger for what happened to my mother and for all indigenous women and girlsshe claims. It’s bad. It has to stop.

For the young orphan of a mother, it is a matter of systemic racism. The genocide against indigenous women and girls must stopshe asserts.

The bodies of several missing women can be found here. How many women have they stopped leading? This landfill could be a large burial site. It is time to end the genocide. »

A quote from Cambria Harris, daughter of Morgan Harris

The remains of another victim, Rebecca Contois, were also found at the Brady Road landfill last summer. The alleged killer, Jeremy Skibicki, had been charged with this murder.

Protesters outside the Prairie Green Landfill in Winnipeg

Photo: Radio-Canada / Randall McKenzie

Cambria Harris wants the barrage against Brady and the protests to continue until she feels heard. She says she is ready to continue the research herself if she has to, even if it is dangerous.

But why don’t you help me figure out how to find the remains? she wonders. It’s because you know you were dealing with something much bigger than yourself.

On Sunday, residents could not access the Brady Road landfill. Some say they understand the situation, while others demand that the protesters attack the roads used by the trucks.

The City and Winnipeg Police Service say they are aware of the blockade. We support the right of our citizens to protest peacefully, legally and safelywe can read in an email sent by the police.

As of this writing, the federal government has not responded to Radio-Canada’s interview request.

Jeremy Skibicki is charged with the first-degree murders of Rebecca Contois, Morgan Harris, Marcedes Myran and an unidentified woman nicknamed Buffalo Woman. The allegations were not proven in court.

With information from Ian Froese

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