Schengen visa: the ordeal continues (2022)

Visa Schengen: one of the most prestigious French dailies, “Le Monde”, tells in its latest issue, the ordeal of Algerian citizens to get sesame to France. We thought the problem was solved with French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent state visit to Algeria, but it wasn’t.

Schengen visa: A dangerous standstill

Similarly, the visit of French Prime Minister Borne did not bring any news about visas, as previously reported by your online newspaper France maintains its initial positions on the subject and things do not seem to have developed in the right direction.

While France loudly announced its intention to move towards a privileged partnership with Algeria, at a time when it was bearing the full brunt of the disastrous consequences of the war in Ukraine and its dire consequences for the whole of Europe, little progress has actually been made from the Elysée against the Algerians.

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Schengen visa: Only efforts and humiliations for visas Schengen

This has led the international media to say that Paris is treading water in terms of visas. Since Borne was content to say to the Algerians: ” Issuing a visa is an act of sovereignty. We want to clarify our common approach to immigration to be more constructive and highlight the chosen mobility of students, entrepreneurs, political leaders, researchers, cultural and sports actors, while being more rigorous in the fight against “illegal immigration”.

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To ” The world“, it is difficult

Despite a diplomatic warm-up between Paris and Algiers, Le Monde says, Schengen visa applicants to France are still struggling to renew or obtain a first residence permit.

The ax fell almost a month ago, but Nadia still can’t get over it. For the third time in a year, the 66-year-old retired from public education empty-handed, leaving the Algiers offices of VFS Global Center, the service provider that subcontracts Schengen visa applications in Algeria to France. .

With in his passport a form that means he refuses to deliver. ” It borders on humiliation », launches the person who had so far had no problems getting a residence permit.

Nadia and Amir’s travels: A passport, a Schengen visa, and then what?
A passport
A passport

“I traveled a lot, I visited several countries, no one had denied me the right to enter. What are they afraid of? That I settle illegally in France? If I wanted to do this, I would have done it sooner, but it never interested me “, confides the former French teacher, each time confronted with the same reason: her income would not be sufficient to obtain the precious sesame.

However, “I had brought documents that are not requested, such as the tax notice for my son who lives in the Paris region, to prove that his professional situation is comfortable and that he can welcome me in good conditions, regrets the pensioner. I have earned a living with dignity, I complete their case in good and proper form, what more do they need? »

Amir was also surprised to see that his visa renewal application was rejected. This defense ministry executive, who used to spend holidays in France, had planned to go there to buy a new vehicle. But in mid-October, for the second time this year, his case was dismissed without explanation.

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A visa, what a hassle!

I have been renewing my visa without problems since the 1990s, I even managed to get a long stay visa. But there they don’t even bother to justify their refusal. It is contempt ” say the fifties, who regret a collective punishment. ” The problem is political. We pay for the broken pots »he believes.

Retaliatory measure

Officials, pensioners, businessmen, parents of dual citizens… For more than a year, no one has been spared by the significant reduction in the number of visas granted by the French authorities.

In September 2021, Paris announced that it would halve the number of visas issued to Algerian and Moroccan nationals and a 30% decrease for Tunisians, based on the previous year.

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