Stop Alibaba arrives at Élysette de Namur

This meeting was an opportunity for the protesters to once again emphasize their opinion on the issue, namely the incompatibility between the current expansion projects and the environmental emergency. “We are facing a delusion”, explains Nicolas, member of the collective Stop Alibaba&Co. “GREC explains to us that we must massively and most often immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors if we want to have a chance of keeping a habitable planet. However, we still wonder if it is a good idea to continue developing an airport… Worse, the few new restrictions included in the permit are not to reduce activity at the airport, but simply to slow down its development, severely attacked by the management and the main operators, but also by a majority of the political class who mediate without budging on their job blackmail!”.

Faced with this situation, the Stop Alibaba&Co activists wanted to remind the Walloon ministers of the environmental problem by symbolically handing them the “Summary for the attention of decision-makers” of the latest GREC report. “They obviously haven’t read it”, laments Annick, another activist present in the apartment. “Otherwise, we would not even be discussing the permit, but rather the way we can best drive our exit from fossil fuels, including and especially when many jobs are at stake.”.

For the Stop Alibaba&Co collective, the employment argument can thus no longer continue to legitimize political decisions that every day bring humanity a little closer to a situation where there is no return on an environmental level. “We know that there are many jobs that depend on fossil fuels, whether at the airport or elsewhere.”, Annick continues. “But that’s exactly the problem! The task of governments is not to ignore it, but on the contrary to anticipate it in order to organize recoveries now that leave no one behind.”.


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