Streamlined visa procedure: for tourism 2023

Streamlined visa procedure, it allows the development of tourism in Algeria. Tourism in Algeria is an economic sector. This is an important activity, both for Algerians who choose to spend their holidays there and for foreigners who come to stay there.

Algeria is the largest country on the African continent and the tenth largest country in the world by total area. With great potential in tourism, maritime coasts stretching over 1200 kilometers, the Algerian desert, historical monuments………. The Algerian authorities have committed to simplifying the visa procedure. Streamlined visa procedure will definitely increase the number of tourists in Algeria.

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Streamlined visa procedure

Difficulties in issuing visas to tourists

Promotion of Algeria’s destination encounters difficulties in granting visas to foreign tourists. This is one of the main obstacles to the development of tourism in Algeria.

Algerian consular representations established abroad have difficulty issuing tourist visas.

Several travel agency managers met during the International Festival of Sahara Tourism in Ghardaïa and raised this issue related to the difficulty of obtaining visas for foreign tourists.

Visa and travel

Procedures for issuing visas to tourists, a bit cumbersome and difficult

Mohammed Torche, director of the Horizons Nomades travel agency, based in Strasbourg, France, believed that “among the most pressing issues to be resolved for the development of tourism in Algeria is the need to ease the procedures for issuing visas to foreign tourists.

For his part, the head of the travel agency Discover Ghardaïa Travel Agency also raised this issue. “The issue of tourist visas for Algeria must be resolved concretely and quickly. We receive many tourists who want to go to the Sahara, but are faced with visa refusals,” he says. Streamlined visa procedure is a priority for the development of the tourist sector.

This question related to the difficulty of issuing visas to Algeria was asked on Saturday, December 10, to the Minister of Tourism and Crafts, Yacine Hamadi, during his trip to the city of Sebseb in the wilaya of Ghardaïa within the framework of the International Festival of Sahara Tourism, which is held in this wilaya.

Yacine hamadi gave this answer: “We are not saying the opposite. There is a visa problem. The procedure to get a visa in Algeria is a bit cumbersome and a bit difficult. This is explained by the situation in Algeria”.

Streamlined visa procedure: the President of the Republic has committed

And the Minister confirms that this issue of visas will soon be decided: “As the late President Houari Boumediene said so well: we turn the page, but we do not tear it to pieces. They are very well informed that in his program the President of the Republic has undertook to simplify this procedure.

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This case will be settled. All stakeholders will do what is necessary to facilitate the issuance of visas as soon as possible. An announcement to this effect will be issued soon and at an appropriate time.” Streamlined visa procedure will make Algeria one of the best destinations for foreign tourists.

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