associations want the environment to be better covered in the media

associations want the environment to be better covered in the media

Published on: 26/12/2022 – 09:43 As climate change hits harder and we witness the mass extinction of plant and animal species, activists criticize the French media and want these topics to be covered more and better. The association QuotaClimat has just compared the treatment in the country of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and … Read more

Meta implements security measures to promote fair play online

Meta met en place des mesures de sécurité afin de promouvoir le fair-play en ligne

The security policy of the Meta Platforms strongly discourages any threats or hate speech. In addition to responding to community reports, in addition to private messages, Meta has also programmed algorithms to proactively search for content that may violate security policies across all of its platforms. Between April and June this year, Meta teams responded … Read more

Méta Kandé (SG employees from local authorities) “We are tired of promises… We have unsafe living conditions! »

KOLDA : Méta Kandé (SG travailleurs des collectivités territoriales) « Nous en avons assez des promesses… Nous avons des conditions de vie précaires! »

It was to a very angry Méta Kandé that we held out the microphone to explain the situation of the workers in the local authorities. The latter believe that they have “enough of broken promises”, before adding: “The state must only respect its obligations towards us! » As a reminder, Méta Kandé and his friends … Read more