government in a stalemate despite discussions with the social partners

France/Réforme des retraites: le gouvernement dans l’impasse malgré les discussions avec les partenaires sociaux

AA/Nice/Feïza Ben Mohamed After two days of discussions with the social partners in Matignon, the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne failed to convince the unions about the pension reform. Meetings were held on Tuesday and Wednesday, but union representatives were unanimous in their rejection of the longer retirement age. In a statement to the press … Read more

new violence in Paris at the heart of a parade of small groups close to the PKK

France: nouvelles violences à Paris au cœur d’un défilé de groupuscules proches du PKK

AA/Paris/Feïza Ben Mohamed Thousands of protesters close to the PKK are again involved in violent violence in Paris at the heart of a demonstration that started from the Place de la République at noon on Saturday. Faced with the threat, the police on the spot were forced to use tear gas to contain and avert … Read more

The risk of power outages reduced to “medium” in January

France : Le risque de coupures d'électricité réduit à « moyen » en janvier

AA / Paris / Ümit Dönmez France’s head of high-voltage lines, RTE, on Tuesday lowered the risk of voltage to the electricity grid in January from “high” to “medium”. In its latest update of its outlook for the electricity system for the next four weeks, the French grid operator stated that “subject to the maintenance … Read more