TESTIMONY. “France – Morocco, it’s like my father playing against my mother”

“We did it this time. Since the Moroccan feat against Spain on Tuesday, December 6, and the prospect of a duel between France and Morocco in the semi-finals of the World Cup, the question comes up tirelessly, like a boomerang: “Who will you be for if they collide?” » For a while I sought refuge behind the language of wood, which is loved by footballers. “There are still two games left, nothing is decided. See you in good time. »

Now there is no escape. The teams of France and Morocco will fight for a place in the final at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The most prestigious competition in the most popular sports. “It’s like my father playing against my mother” , joked comedian Jamel Debbouze last week. For me it is. Literally.

My mother, Elisabeth, born in Saint-Nazaire in Loire-Atlantique. And my father, Jamal, who was born in Ouarzazate in southern Morocco. He arrived in France in 1989, after meeting my mother in her home country. This double culture is rooted in me. She follows me. Everywhere. Right down to my first name: Pierre-Hakim. Not common, is it?

I was born in Nantes in 1993 and have always lived in France. But Morocco is a part of me. Just take me back to the long trips in the family car,…

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