The safest seats on planes, according to a flight attendant

Many travelers’ biggest phobia is experiencing mid-flight turbulence. Whether it’s high or low intensity, sometimes you’re left with a scare that you probably won’t forget anytime soon.

Choosing the right seat can help you minimize the effect of airborne interference. And contrary to popular belief, first class passengers are not the safest, says a former flight attendant.

Airplanes: where to sit to minimize the effect of turbulence?

Madeleine Doyle, former flight attendant for national and international companies, talks about the difficult subject of flight disturbances. If you thought getting a seat in first class was the way to go, think again. The former flight attendant claims, from the peak of her 20-year career, that she has never looked safer than the seats located near the plane’s wings.

Seats inside a plane / Pixabay

She told American publication Thrillist: ” The plane is built like a rocker, and the most stable part is just above the wings “.

And the worst area to sit when sensitive to turbulence then? It is the back of the device. A place you must avoid at all costs if you are likely to get sick, or even worse, have an anxiety attack, reveals Madeleine. ” The turbulence is worse at the rear of the plane – it is much more uneven “.

Air turbulence: cthe underestimated danger to travelers

Turbulence is one of the usual things in the air, so much so that the phenomenon is becoming insignificant these days. But did you know that these thrusts could actually cause your plane to deviate? Even worse, to make your pilot lose control…

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It is confirmed by Eser Aksan E., airline pilot at The Sun Online Travel. ” In times of severe turbulence we do not control the aircraft. It doesn’t mean it’s going to roll over or anything, it’s just that we don’t control it at that point, but the plane continues to fly “.

No major worries to be had, but the situation remains without danger according to the latter: ” Of course, it ends at some point and we regain control of the plane. We will correct the height, increase or decrease it afterwards »

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