“The share of retailer investment dedicated to digital prospects is becoming significant at Meta”

The head of retail and e-commerce key accounts at Meta provides an update on the development of its digital prospectus and e-retail media offering.

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Guillaume Cavaroc, head of retail and e-commerce key accounts at Meta. © Meta

Guillaume Cavaroc. This year we are experiencing a major shift in drive-to-store communication with the increasing digitization of paper brochures. The latter was the No. 1 vector of traffic generation in stores, ahead of TV, radio and digital. But that has changed since this year: retailers’ commercial activation plan, their communications around promotions, are leaving paper to go digital. It took time, but it is: All the major retailers are getting on board and it will continue to accelerate strongly in 2023. CSR pressures, financial constraints with the significant increase in the cost of paper and the success of The Oui The pub experiment, launched in early September, has a lot to do with that. Digital is therefore no longer an afterthought, it replaces paper.

What tools, data and media do you specifically make available to retailers for this ?

We provide them with our Messenger and WhatsApp messaging platforms to make it their new digital mailbox to distribute their prospectuses to customers who want and consent to it. This is currently generally done in France by flashing a QR code in the store, which is already offered by Aldi, Auchan, But, Carrefour, Intermarch√©, etc. For the most advanced retailers, we are nearing the end of the testing phase. In 2023, the spread of these devices will be massive throughout the territory, and not only in the cities affected by Oui Pub. The part dedicated to the digital prospectus will be important within the retailers’ investments with us. It is a strong revenue driver now and in the coming years.

What are the user consent rates for this type of device on WhatsApp?

Advertisers do not yet communicate this data in France. In Argentina, for example, every week all Carrefour stores send their digital flyers via WhatsApp to an average of 8,000 customers per week. Store. We also measured the average reading time for a digital brochure: it is three minutes.

“In e-retail media, we see an increase in both the number of brands and budget volumes”

What about e-retail media?

E-retail media is the second type of solution we provide specifically for retailers, allowing FMCG brands to take advantage of both the precision of distributor data and the power of Meta’s reach in their offsite activations to expand their audience. Our tools therefore allow brands to broadcast their campaigns based on data from their retail partners and by matching them with users of Meta platforms. Any CRM strategy can be activated: you can target your best customers or, on the contrary, those who are at risk of churn, those who have not bought products for months, etc. E-retail media has strong traction because it is very ROI-oriented . Our platforms are praised for their reach. Facebook alone has 40 million monthly active users in France. The same data is used to measure and analyze the impact of sales generated online and offline (via loyalty card data). E-retail media solutions can connect with us via API to industrialize this type of activation.

Is the rise of e-retail media bringing you more business?

Media e-retail is coming into force to unlock a budget that was not digitized. We must not forget that a large part of the FMCG budget dedicated to retail media is still spent in stores today. This shift to digital is happening on-site, in the retailers’ properties, but these capabilities are limited. On an e-commerce site, the space to advertise and appear first in the search results is limited. Audience expansion via display and social networks opens up the possibilities. Therefore, e-retail media is an additional opportunity for us, in addition to the traditional budgets for branding, acquisitions and drive-to-store. E-retail media is accelerating, bringing us a fourth pillar of investment. This is actually a topic that we have more and more requests for support from retailers and brands. We are seeing an increase in both the number of brands and budget volumes.

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