the tourism minister promises a simplification of the procedure

The Algerian Minister of Tourism told the TSA newspaper that “the case will be settled” and that an announcement should come soon.

This is a black mark for the development of tourism in Algeria, but things can change, according to an article by TSA. At present, it is actually difficult to get a tourist visa for Algeria. At the request of the TSA on this topic within the framework of the International Festival of Sahara Tourism in Ghardaïa, the Minister of Tourism and Crafts, Yacine Hamadi, indicated that the topic was on the table. “We are not saying the opposite. There is a visa problem, the minister acknowledged. The procedure for obtaining a visa in Algeria is a bit cumbersome and a bit difficult. This is explained by the situation in Algeria”.

“All stakeholders will do what is necessary”

“As the late president Houari Boumediene said so well: we turn the page, but we do not tear it up,” he continued. They are very well informed that the President of the Republic has undertaken in his program to simplify this procedure. This case will be settled. All stakeholders will do what is necessary to facilitate the issuance of visas as soon as possible. A notice to this effect will be issued as soon as possible and at an appropriate time. »

This is long-awaited news from French tourism professionals, who are striving to get this destination off the ground. An important step was taken with the reopening of southern Algeria to travelers in mid-October. In the process, Point-Afrique announced its grand return to the desert. Several airlines, including Transavia, have also increased the number of flights to the destination this year.

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