The visa procedure for Algeria will be simplified

The tourism sector in Algeria is far from competing with that of neighboring countries, especially Tunisia and Morocco. Despite its enormous potential, Algeria does not attract. Several reasons explain this situation: the lack of infrastructure, the absence of an offensive policy in this area and the high cost of plane tickets are not the only reasons why Algeria has a lot to catch up on. Many foreign operators agree that the difficulty of obtaining a visa to Algeria is a real problem for establishing partnerships in the tourism sector.

Indeed, the tourism sector in the country is not efficient and still suffers from the quality of services despite the means used. National and foreign tourist agencies point out that one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is obtaining an Algerian tourist visa. This problem has not found a solution and causes Algeria to lag behind in this area compared to neighboring countries Tunisia and Morocco. However, some measures have recently been taken to improve the situation.

On 29 September, Prime Minister Aïmene Benabderrahmane stated on the sidelines of the 21st International Tourism and Travel Fair (SITEV) that Algeria intends to adopt the electronic visa soon. This unit is meant to revitalize the tourism sector, the CEO had indicated.

The problem of granting tourist visas to Algeria is real

Similarly, the Algerian Minister of Tourism and Crafts, Yacine Hamadi, confirmed to our colleagues from the TSA website that the problem of issuing tourist visas is real. “We are not saying the opposite. There is a visa problem. The procedure to get a visa in Algeria is a bit cumbersome and a bit difficult. This is explained by the situation in Algeria,” he explains.

However, the minister promises changes in this file. He declares: “as the late President Houari Boumediene said so well: we turn the page, but we do not tear it up. They are very well informed that the President of the Republic has undertaken in his program to simplify this procedure. This matter will be decided . All stakeholders will do what is necessary to facilitate the issuance of visas as soon as possible. An announcement to this effect will be issued soon and at an appropriate time.”

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