WC 2022 | France – England | The notes: Griezmann – Lloris, these bosses are gigantic

Hugo Lloris: 8

The English press had made it the Blues’ weak point. He was one of the best Frenchmen this Saturday. Luckily he was there. An incredible exit in front of Kane (22nd) and a fantastic flight over a Bellingham mine (47th). On guard against Saka (55th) and Kane (29th, 61st), the captain held the barracks. And he won his psychological duel against Kane, who sent the game’s penalty into the air.

  • Shortly said… There when needed!

World Championship

Another half: Enjoy, it’s great!


Jules Konde: 5

England had chosen to insist at the other end and Koundé finally held a transparent Phil Foden without trouble. But as soon as the temperature rose in his side, the Barcelonan struggled to contain the threat. Average elevations, but rigor in placement.

Raphael Varane: 6

Varane radiated composure, especially in a controlled start to the game. He closes the axis well to Kane (14th) and generally kept his zone. The English never succeeded in getting him into trouble.

Dayot Upamecano: 6

He started as a racing car with sharp interventions. He is at the start of the opener by recovering the ball, by piercing the axis and then proposing a relay to Mbappé. But Kane played him bad tricks after a very clean first 25 minutes. In terms of the game’s orientation, however, it was a masterclass. More frantic in the second half.

  • Shortly said… Decisive but on a thread.

Theo Hernandez: 3rd

At first he suffered against Saka, who made him dance the tango all evening. In particular, the Milanese conceded the most stupid penalty of the tournament (82nd) ​​by accusing Mount in a completely incomprehensible way. Hernandez had a bit of a nightmare.

  • Shortly said… He could have sent the Blues to hell.

Foul by Théo Hernandez on Mason Mount

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Aurelien Tchouameni: 5

We thought his amazing goal would start his tournament completely. He has the advantage of trying his luck when no one expects it, especially Pickford. But he lacked intensity in midfield and also conceded a largely avoided penalty when he pounced on a waiting Saka. Long after a breakthrough from the same Saka (60th), short of a header from Maguire on the post (70th) and waiting for a cross from Henderson (68th), he had a very sluggish second period.

  • Shortly said… Excellent and very mediocre.

Adrian Rabiot: 6.5

So yes, he also declined in the second half, but he had put so much heart into it before the break. Soldier in the collective, he played the main cleaner, but also the on-duty fireman on a big heat stroke (30.). Lots of mistakes, but if all the blues had been at his level in the match, the match would have been easier.

  • Shortly said… He did very well.

Adrien Rabiot in the duel with Bukayo Saka

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Antoine Griezmann: 8.5

Everywhere. In the middle, in attack, in defence, in recovery, in transition: it was another masterclass from the French maestro. His two assists, and above all his perfect cross to Giroud, lit up the game and opened the way to the semi-finals. But to limit one’s struggle to that would be to miss the point. He closed the gaps thanks to a gigantic volume of play, although his laxity coming out of the dressing room left his people in dirty sheets.

  • Shortly said… From the great Grizou.

Ousmane Dembele: 4.5

He started strongly by constantly offering a solution and distributing two good crosses (9th, 11th). Unfortunately, it didn’t last. Surprised by the center of Mbappé (56th) and by a wing change (68th), he missed his second period despite a good discount for Giroud (77th).

  • Shortly said… A little Dembele.

Replaced by Kingsley Coman (79th)

Ousmane Dembele against England

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Kylian Mbappe: 4

The anti-Mbappé plan worked wonderfully and it took until the 55th minute to see him make his first difference to a cross for Dembélé. Admittedly, he initiated the wing change on the Tchouaméni goal, but he had a very discreet night.

In short… Well locked and harmless.

Olivier Giroud: 6.5

Absent from the debates and on his head for 77 minutes, he lost the majority of his duels against the English hinge. But his duel, certainly lost, against Pickford (77th) put him back in the saddle. And as always, he appears at the best time to score the most important goal of his career in the French team (79th).

  • Shortly said… A goal worth 10.

“Under Deschamps there had never been such a miracle in a tournament”

World Championship

“The anti-Mbappé plan worked, but the English were afraid to win”


World Championship

Are the Blues now the big favourites? “France is above the rest”



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