“We MEPs want more Europe on France Télévisions, not less!”

DOES NOTWe want more Europe on our screens, not less! On 18 October we wrote to the President of France Télévisions to inform her of our surprise and our concern at the decision that would have been taken to reduce the number of permanent correspondents for France Télévisions in Brussels.

Less than two years after the European Parliament elections, the departure of one of the two correspondents should prompt France Télévisions to strengthen its Brussels office, not weaken it. This position is currently vacant, although it requires continuity with the actors of European public life, in Brussels and Strasbourg, and continuity in the follow-up of technically complex cases; an expertise and journalistic qualities that the subsequent correspondents from France Télévisions have shown for many years.

Never has the European level been so important since the response to the pandemic
Covid-19, the implementation of the recovery plan, the response to the war in Ukraine or the energy crisis. All these issues have a strong European dimension and a direct impact on the lives of the French.

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At a time when Europe is stepping up its efforts to establish itself as a united power capable of defending its citizens, in the face of headwinds and the return of war on the European continent, it is more than ever necessary to strengthen the connection between French citizens and the EU to explain, relate and interpret European news and topics. The audiovisual media constitute an irreplaceable element in this pedagogy.

Negative answer

In France, the public life of the EU remains largely absent from the news on TV and radio, although the other European media have not been wrong, whether the written press – The world has just strengthened its presence in Brussels with three journalists – or other foreign audiovisual media. The German channel ARD, for example, has five permanent correspondents in Brussels. And the BBC has three, even though Britain has left the EU.

We urged Delphine Ernotte a few weeks ago to at least ask her to preserve the structure of the European office of France Télévisions.

In its negative reply, it insists that, in terms of offers, France Télévisions is the only French audiovisual group that devotes such an important space to European issues.

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