who is Inès Tessier, Miss Saint-Martin-Saint-Barthélemy?

On July 29, the islands of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy found their Miss. Ines Tessier19, will be one of 30 candidates for the title miss France, whose election will take place on December 17 in Châteauroux. Taking over from Naïma Dessout, she will try to succeed Diane Leyre.

Erupts from West Indieswas Inès Tessier doing a film course at the University of Montreal before he was elected Miss Saint-Martin-Saint-Barthélemy. In love with the movie Interstellar by Christopher Nolan she describes herself as an “art enthusiast”. In her portrait broadcast by TF1, she reflects the image ofa sunny young woman, playful and very athletic. She revealed during an interview with Tototheclock that she had been dancing for thirteen years in addition to surfing and running.

His commitment to ecology

Due to her practice of water sports on her native island, on the front lines in the face of natural disasters, she confides be sensitive to the protection of the environment. “I would also like, in my place, to help my two islands, both on the cultural and social side, but also on the islands’ economy and their development”, she promised in an interview to Here. She hopes to be able to give everything election night to seduce the jury and win the crown Miss France 2023.

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